Joshua Buckley

“I liked the program gave me the skills necessary to start a career, a living wage I can support my family on, excellent benefits, a mentor in Kevin Thomas, and a new family much like benefits of being in the military. So many veterans struggle to support themselves and their families that I was really worried. Being an apprentice was a blessing–my family was taken care of from the start. I think the sheet metal union and the Army value a lot of the same skills. Early on, the fear of being late caused us to not only be on time, but to arrive early. Being proficient in your skills and the integrity to do the job right when no one is looking are also important to both. I’m a firm believer the sheet metal union is the best choice I’ve made. I love being a member of the family, and my family is so grateful that my wife, who is not a veteran, has also joined the apprenticeship.”