The SMART Heroes program is currently offered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in DuPont, Washington, and Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

At these two locations, participants are able to get a jump-start on life after the Army, or any branch of the military, through accelerated training that leads to secure, rewarding jobs for veterans.

If you are not near one of these SMART Heroes locations, search for the SMART training center near you or register on the Helmets to Hardhats website. The sheet metal industry has provided rewarding careers for veterans across the country who enjoy working with their hands and find the camaraderie of union life similar to the solidarity they felt in the armed services.

Service members have access to many veterans benefits after leaving the military, and one of the most valuable is the experience they gain while serving. SMART Heroes and the International Training Institute recognize the value in this experience. At most training centers across the country, qualified veterans are provided with direct entry or advanced apprenticeship standing, taking these skills into consideration and putting them right to work.

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